Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What kind of roses grow best in a shady area?

This is for the north side of a house. In the summer, the morning sun and afternoon sun shine on it, but, the rest of the year, it's shady. We want roses because they bloom from April through October. All our other flowers only bloom a few months.

What kind of roses grow best in a shady area?
There are several.

See source for more info
Reply:Roses will grow in this level of shade but tend to have problems with pests and black spot. They may also get "leggy". You will want to be careful with how often/how much/when you water to minimize diseases.

Not knowing you specific climate, I would ask at a your local nursery for suggestions. Newer varierities are bred to be more disease resistent but this tends to be at the cost of scent. Also, be aware that not all roses bloom continuously through the summer, some varieties bloom once or twice only.
Reply:Some shrub roses (Meidiland) take parial shade, but I would explore other more suitable plant options that are likely to perform better, including a vaiety of plant types. Not sure where you are geographically, but shrubs like enkianthus, pieris and itea and perennials like hosta, astilbe and bleeding heart provide flower and foliage inerest.
Reply:Here are some llinks to shade tolerant roses:

http://www.helpmefind.com/rose/roses.php... (huge list of shade tolerant roses)




This should get you started. Happy gardening. :)
Reply:my step dad says climbing roses from over my shoulder =]

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