Thursday, May 20, 2010

Roses with no buds or flowers?

Last year I had gorgeous strong stemmed roses. This year I have tons of green leaves and NOT ONE bud or flower? Why? And how do I keep beetles away!? they are terrible!

Roses with no buds or flowers?
So fertilizing could be the problem, and every one has suggested it. I'll opt to ask a few more questions...

Do you know what kind of rose it is? Is it a modern rose (recently planted) or an old-fashioned variety? Is it a Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora or a Climber? I realize that you might not know the answer to these questions, but they could impact the why you've gotten no flowers. So take all of the answers with a grain of salt, because we could all be wrong.

That being said, if you have alot of canes and leaves and no flowers, it could be because the plant has aborted its graft. Most modern roses are grafted. You'll see a bulbus-knobby area near the soil line that all the branches (canes) grow out of. That is the graft. When you buy a rosebush, you're paying for the named variety, the area above the graft. The root stock (below the graft) is 'free', it's usually an old fashioned climber called "Dr. Huey". It's really hardy, and it passes this hardiness on to the whole plant. Sometimes the nice, named part of the rose dies, but the roots remain alive. They shoot up from the soil various stems. Dr. Huey doesn't always bloom on young wood, and even if it does, it does so only one time a year. The flower is a semi-double red, in clusters.

Check your rosebush around the base. If there's alot of growth coming right up from the ground... it definately is because the graft has been aborted. The nice part has probably died (not always the case, but usually). Dr. Huey is NEVER worth keeping.

Well I hope that this helps

Good luck-
Reply:Try giving it some plant food ( and plenty of water ) and buy a spray to get rid of bugs especially for roses.
Reply:hm. Your rose needs lots of sun, regular watering, either pick off the beetles, trap them, or spray, and the right fertilizer. The right kind of fertilizer would have the second number higher than the first.

Fertilizer has numbers on the box like 5-10-5 or 10-10-10. These stand for N-P-K.

* N=Nitrogen=good for growth of leaves. Used a lot for lawns and lettuce and such.

* P=Phosphorous= good for growth of roots and for flowers. FLOWERS! yes. You want this one higher during the spring and summer.

* K=Potassium=overall health of the plant. You want this one higher at the end of the summer. It will help your rose winter over well. It's also what you want for your lawn in autumn, and when you need to toughen up any plant against environmental stress.

Hope this helps!
Reply:I had a miniature rose bush with that problem and I started watering it daily and it started blooming again.

The beetles wouldn't be happy if you used something around the plant they didn't like. You could try a spray from garlic and tobacco. Most bugs don't like that one.
Reply:Beetles are next to impossible to keep away. Go thing is they don't stay around too long and your leaves will grow back.

If your roses are in the ground (not a container), it could be you are using the wrong type of fertilizer, OR your lawn fertilizer is washing over into your rose bed. This makes for pretty leaves, but no roses.

I had a Don Juan in a large container with about 25 lb rose soil. The roses were pretty for two years. The third year there were no roses, only pretty leaves. I called and was told that roses only do well in containers for about two years and then they need to be planted in the ground at the end of winter (early spring).

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