Monday, November 16, 2009

How to get Hybrid Tea roses to get started?

I planted 3 hybrid tea roses about 2 weekends ago. They were cut to just base plants when bought, soaked the roots in water overnight to remove the packing material (as per directions), dug 18" dia by 18" deep holes; created pyramid/cone of soil, spead roots over cone, added loose soil as prescribed so Bud Union was about 1inch above the soil; added 1 tbl rose food to soil; watered in rose; watered every day with soaker hose for 1st week and every other day after that (as per directions).

What has been happening is one is growing new stems well, the other two have one stem each that were present when planting, but the leaves are browning/dieing. What do you recommend?


How to get Hybrid Tea roses to get started?
Patience is the key to good gardening, some bushes take longer than other, I'm assuming that they are different varieties. Keep watering and I think you will be rewarded. If after several more weeks they are still not leafing out then contact the place where you purchased them.
Reply:Return them for a refund of purchase price or replacement. They may have a disease that could spread to your 'good' rose. Only do business with reputable companies who stand behind the quality of their goods and services.
Reply:dont know
Reply:you should water not just the roots but the WHOLE plant,(is known as foliage feeding) and water at night or in the eveing to keep the sun from burning them up if getting too much sun
Reply:Water from the top.

Add root stimulator.

Water in the morning so it fungus will not grow as easily.

You may have root rot and letting it have a breather from constant moisure may help.

This should not be so hard.
Reply:sounds like the growth is getting wet during the heat of the day.. sun can burn it if wet.. one should water the ground where the plant resides, not the plant.. try an on-line search.. there's other reasons too. primaries and secondaries

soaker hose's ? what type? some have a bad rep.. they can kill your plants because of what they're made of.

re reading your post.. you might try some B-1. it helps with shock

plus it doesn't burn..are those two getting enough water?

When I plant rose's, I fill the whole(s) dug with water I then mix the water with B-1 and sometimes I use other condensed vitamins in liquid form. I've used tablets for trees. I use a container like a 5 gallon bucket or a wash basin about 10-20 gallons.. fill it with water enough to cover the rooting of new plantings and mix in vitamins as well. I then trim back as required and let the plants soak in this for an at least 30 minutes sometimes longer. it doesn't hurt em at all. this aids in the breaking of soil and roots with a gentle touch with out harming the the root systems plus coats with vitamins that don't burn. plant and cover if soil is dry when covering. i use the water out of the container as aid for shock treatment. and mix up a new batch to be sure its done. I never use a fertilizer until the plant has had a little time to establish it self.. Fertilizers can burn and kill or slow up the growth process... then water as needed


Hi, Didn't forget about ya.. . From what I can see you did everything right from the start.. Formulas on how to plant varie with each person but it's all pretty much the same methods.

It is possible that your hybrids have a disease. Check with your local nursery or source's on a teartment. sounds like a form of oak fungus to me but I can't be sure because I can't see it..

If they do die.. take them back to where you purchased them and make every attempt to have your source replace them free of charge.

In the source listing are some webistes if you care to review with symptoms and treatments on various common problems.

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