Monday, November 16, 2009

Tips to keep my roses from dying too fast?

just got this absolutly beautiful bouquet of roses yesterday and I'd like to make them last

any tips?

Tips to keep my roses from dying too fast?
Check to make sure there are no leves or foliag in the water.

Use the water conditioner that came with the flowers, or

make your own, using 1/4 tsp bleach per quart of water and 1 cup of lemon lime soda--not diet. Do not put your bouquet in the sun, and if you have a basement, or a cool location, move the arrangement there before you go to bed. ( My step mother does this when she gets flowers; they last 2 weeks!)
Reply:Hi but a little bit of sugar in the water they will last a lot longer and keep away from full sun hope this help
Reply:cut the stems put them in water and if they came with the cut flower plant food then put that in the water then just keep them cold and they should last a week or so
Reply:Crush up two small aspirin and put it in the water. That will help any cut flowers to stay fresher longer. Hope this helps you!
Reply:Keep them cool and well watered. I have never found the little packets of stuff you add to the water for this purpose to be useful.
Reply:I cut a very small portion of the stem off each day, and use fresh water, if you have city water with chorine let it set over night to let the chorine evaporate, that will keep them fresh and last longer...Good Luck!
Reply:don't leave them in the sun, maybe you could store them in a cold place... and roses don't like too much water.

Also, don't leave them in plastic or any other kind of wrap.
Reply:put a pinch of sugar or salt in the water they're in.
Reply:ummm...they will die...but when they start to die, hang them upside down on a mantle or sumthing. They will keep their form and petals and stay in rose shape for a long time. They won't need water (but it will make it look good in the vase). That is what we do with our dying roses.

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